RUSHTON Abstracts

Rushton paints original abstract art with fire and passion. His works depict strong emotion, depth and an explosion of color, and are featured in shows and collections throughout the country.

Influenced by the artistry of Pollock, Van Gogh and Monet, Rushton’s palette knife makes broad statements in walls of excitement. In his studio, Rushton captures the hues of nature and mixes them with the mystery and wonder of the abstract world.

Staring into a RUSHTON original, one can spend hours escaping into a world unlike any other. Each piece is inspired by and dedicated to select pieces of music, from every musical genre and ,movement.

Rushton is especially known for his commissioned pieces, which incorporate the individual client’s color and musical selections. This makes for a truly personal and original work of art, created especially for your home or office.

Contact Rushton at [email protected] for information and prices.